Zip Money & Zip Pay

Zip Money is a line of credit for amounts of $1000 and over. There is interest with Zip Money, but we guarantee customers a minimum of 3 months interest-free on any order and you can receive much greater periods with select merchants. The interest-free period is determined by the Zip partner you are shopping with and how much you spend. It will be confirmed with when you authorise any purchase.
There is an establishment fee based on your Zip Money credit limit, which we confirm at the start of the application and in the contract if you are approved. There is also a $7.95 monthly account fee when there is an outstanding balance at the end of each month.
You might also be interested in our other product, Zip Pay.
Zip Pay is a line of credit up to $1,000 with no interest ever. The minimum monthly repayments are as little as $40 and a $7.95 monthly account fee applied if your statement closing balance is not, paid in full, by the due date.
You can use Zip Pay and Zip Money accounts to shop with any of our partners.
If you would like to apply for either Zip Pay or Zip Money, you can do so here. You are also welcome to apply for both Zip Pay and Zip Money and customers can have both accounts open at the same time.