"Oh tell me where your freedom lies

The streets are fields that never die"

Jim Morrison

Vintage-Inspired Single Motor E-Bikes

Explore Vallkree's Single Motor Electric Bike Range, where classic style meets modern innovation. Our vintage-inspired electric bikes offer a seamless blend of elegance and performance, making them perfect for city commuting, beach rides, and weekend adventures. Discover the perfect balance of power and efficiency with Vallkree’s meticulously crafted single motor electric bikes, designed to turn heads and provide an unforgettable riding experience.
Born in Byron Bay:
Australia's Original Electric Cruisers
In the summer of 2013, Vallkree was born out of a desire to bypass Byron Bay's heavy traffic and reach the surf faster. As Australia's original electric bike cruiser company, Vallkree offers a unique range of stylish, vintage-inspired e-bikes. These electric bikes deliver joy and freedom, providing a thrilling, eco-friendly ride that embodies the spirit of independence. Experience the smooth ride of a retro designed Vallkree electric bike and embrace a more sustainable way to travel. Live free, travel easy with Vallkree.
Jason Momoa
"Greatest Bike On Earth"
Tom Carroll

Handcrafted performance electric bikes

Designed in Byron Bay with Japanese engineering, Vallkree bikes combine vintage aesthetics and superior performance for a unique riding experience. Each Vallkree electric bike is meticulously crafted to provide a smooth, powerful ride, ensuring you stand out on every journey. Experience the perfect blend of design and technology with Vallkree’s high-quality, eco-friendly electric bikes.

Peace of Mind

Experience worry-free riding with Vallkree. Our concierge service, telephone support, comprehensive warranty, and expert servicing ensure you have complete peace of mind with every ride.


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