"Oh tell me where your freedom lies

The streets are fields that never die"

Jim Morrison

Vintage inspired electric range

Born in Byron Bay
In the summer of 2013, a little bicycle company was created to skip the heavy traffic of Byron Bay town and speed straight to the surf. Vallkree Electric Bikes are the original electric cruisers of Australia, offering a unique range of specially crafted, stylish vintage-inspired e-bikes. Vallkree bikes bring joy to their owners. That feeling of freedom. Of thrill-seeking independence. A smooth ride. Being outdoors and beating the system with a more eco-friendly way to travel. Live free, travel easy.
Jason Momoa
"Greatest Bike On Earth"
Tom Carroll

Handcrafted performance electric bikes

All our bikes are conceptualised and designed in Byron Bay, Australia with Japanese engineering.

Peace of Mind

From our concierge service to telephone support, warranty and servicing, the Vallkree experience is worry free.


56 Centennial Circuit
Byron Bay NSW 2481

Mon - Fri, 10am - 3pm