All products sold by WA Surf International (the “Vendor”)must be assembled, checked, maintained, and used responsibly. The Customer assumes all risks with operation of purchased products. The Customer must operate the products with appropriate protective safety equipment, the operation and supply of protective safety equipment remains the sole responsibility of the Customer. In accordance with the general laws of each State of Australia, once the Customer receives possession of the property, liability for any injuries to riders or damage to property from use of the product will attach to the Customer.

The products supplied include either a 250 Watt model, in accordance with EN 15194 standard for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles or the 500 Watt model which is for exclusive off-road use only.

EN 15194 is the internationally accepted standard for power-assisted pedal cycles. This standard allows powered models up to 250 watts and specifies this as a continuous rating. It also restricts the top speed to 25 kilometres per hour, requires the rider to pedal to access the power and sets a number of construction safety requirements.

The Vendor supplies the products “As-Is” in working order. The Customer must inspect the bike upon delivery and immediately report to the Vendor any physical damage to the product. The Customer agrees to treat their electric bicycle with respect and care. This is a legal binding contract which supersedes any other agreements or representations by or between the parties and is a release of liability.

The Vendor cannot oversee and supervise safety and proper usage of this electric bike and in no way accepts any present or future responsibility for the actions of the Customer. The Customer must comply with all laws of the State in which the product is operated, and must not use the product for any illegal purpose or in any way in which the product was not meant to be operated.

Do not use any solvents on the product or tamper with any electrical components (including alteration of circuitry or voltage capable of being utilised by the motor); doing so may cause serious and/or permanent injury and may further void any warranty.

All specifications are estimates and approximate. Range and battery lifetime are manufacturer estimates based upon optimum conditions; actual performance may be less. All specifications may vary from those listed on the Vendor’s advertising material or website and is subject to change at any time.