Vallkree in Men's Health Australia

Vallkree in Men's Health Australia

Australian Actor Sam Corlett Is On A Quest to Heal The World

A youthful outlook and an old soul are proving a potent combination for Australian actor Sam Corlett in his quest to heal the world.

"If Corlett’s feeling the pressure of shooting his first major magazine cover, the impending release of his big-budget Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla and mounting expectations as Australia’s next Hollywood heavyweight,,he doesn’t let it show. In fact, as the wind and rain whip around him, he’s calm, almost ethereal, before his youthful energy bursts free. A backflip off the sand dunes precedes a quick dip in the ocean between shots. Next minute he’s up a tree, or juggling rocks on the ground – continually interacting with his environment. It’s as close to the fabled ‘flow state’ as I can imagine.

"The sun is making a rare appearance after two weeks of near-torrential rain and the town is coming back to life. It’s a huge sacrifice for Corlett to forego a surf, perhaps even another electric bike ride along the beach."

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