In the news: KISS x Vallkree

In the news: KISS x Vallkree

"Kiss Launch Electric Bike"

KISS have a launched their own branded electric bike with Australian company Vallkree. Vallkree is a Byron Bay based business, established in 2013. The company is the first producer of e-bikes in Australia.
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"KISS Is Now Selling Electric Bikes You’ve Always Wanted"

KISS have teamed up with Australian manufacturer Vallkree to produce two branded electric bikes to mark the band’s ongoing final tour. 

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"KISS limited-edition e-bike ready to rock'n'roll"

Australia’s Vallkree offers a line of retro-ish e-bikes that pay homage to motorcycles built around 1920 (like the Harley-Davidson Model F). While the style cues are antique, the components are modern with what appears to be well-sourced brakes, wheels and tires. Any of their bikes would look right at home cruising along the bike path in Malibu. They are stylish.
Vallkree produces a number of attractive e-bikes. Adding the Kiss artwork should attract new customers to the brand and keeping it a limited run makes it even more collectable.

"Kiss your money goodbye, with a new E-Bike"

 The rock legends have hooked up with Australian manufacturer Valkree to produce electric bikes to mark the band's final tour.

From Coffins to condoms, and now an too can travel to "the end of the road" and have all things KISS inspired. The Kiss x Vallkree collector's edition Drifter and Scrambler electric bikes are available to buy now. Both bikes come in 250 and 500 watt engine options, have a range of 50km when charged, and a maximum restricted speed of 25kph. 

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"Kiss e-bike: Kiss launch e-bike With Vallkree"

Kiss e-bike: Rock legends Kiss has attached with Australian producer Valkree to create two marked electric bicycles to stamp the band’s continuous last visit.

The cooperation was sent off back in 2019, when Valkree declared the news on their Facebook page, however, has just barely been openly affirmed by the band, who tweeted the news, while Gene Simmons reported that his “Valkyrie” (sic) bicycle had “recently showed up”.

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"Kiss launch official range of e-bikes with Vallkree"

Rock legends Kiss have connected with Australian producer Valkree to supply two branded electrical bikes to mark the band’s ongoing remaining tour. 
Valkree already has a number of well-known model ambassadors, together with Game of Thrones/Aquaman actor Jason Mamoa, surfing legends Kelly Slater and Tom Carroll, plus Australian musicians Angus Stone and Tash Sultana.
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