‘Towards Zero Emissions Byron’ Lighthouse ride on February 4


A group of community representatives were riding up to the lighthouse to show case the "Zero Emissions Byron" represented by Sunshine Cycles.

We, VALLKREE, are happy to support this event.

And we will work on the mission to create the Eco Friendly Electric Bikes.


The solar-powered charging station at the entrance to Byron’s First Sun Caravan Park


Light Touch Solar & Electrical


Left&Middle: VALLKREE Right: Simon Richardson / Mayor Byron Shire Council

SunShine Cycles

 ‘Our journey began a long time ago with a desire to find a way to become part of the solution to the challenges the world is facing,’ says Luke Young, who with partner Phoebe Greatorix has delivered Sunshine Cycles to Byron’s doorstep. ‘We want to be a part of the change that needs to happen.’ The way Sunshine Cycles works is simple. The electric bicycles are charged in a state-of-the-art pod, which is fully powered by the sun and built with reused materials. Locally designed Vallkree Fat Boy or Tracker cruiser bikes are on standby for you to choose for your own adventure. Luke feels it is not only a power-saving idea but a healthy way to get around town. ‘Cycling is a great way to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and the pollution from them,’ he says. ‘It also increases good health and reduces noise and infrastructure costs. It’s the best way to enjoy the Bay in a more relaxed and interactive manner.’ Luke says he got a lot of help along the way and Sunshine Cycles would still only be a great idea without plenty of help. ‘We have been supported along the way by many community efforts,’ he says. ‘Sourdough and Paul Jameson helped me speak to the right people and offered key advice on early decisions on starting a business; with Byron Zero Emissions we had some think-tank work to look at alternative transport options; and we had support from local solar funding body for business 100-go-solar, who helped us set up the state-of-the-art system which Light Touch Electrical designed and installed for us.’ Luke says the business will be featuring self-guided tours with links to places and businesses of interest for visitors to ride to to make a great day out and bring greater diversity to the community, while taking cars off the road to help create less noise, more fun, and healthy and social adventures. Sunshine Cycles is powered up and ready to go and is offering local residents of the Byron Shire a 20 per cent discount for any rides they choose to go on. Luke says he and Phoebe are also mindful of the country they are on. ‘We would also like to acknowledge the original custodians and caretakers of the area, the Arakwal people, and the beautiful place we all call home. It’s our desire to care for it into the future by looking at better, smarter, user-friendly systems of transport that care for people and planet.’ Sunshine Cycles hope to promote the richness and variety of what the Shire’s community has to offer. ‘See for yourself what it’s like to get around our beautiful Shire on a machine powered by the sun.’

Article : Echo Publications


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