At Vallkree, we take pride in the quality & performance of our e-bike range.

From our thoughtful design & development to our careful manufacturing & servicing, our Valkree e-bikes undergo the highest quality assurance standards across our materials, bike build & ongoing servicing.

At Vallkree, we offer excellent in-house mechanical expertise - nobody loves & knows our bikes more than us!

Our professional mechanics work on the construction of our bikes, as well as the ongoing care over a bike's lifetime.

We offer 4 service options to suit your various needs. Our Standard Service, Standard Service Plus, Ultimate Service & Ultimate Service Plus offer different solutions, depending on the condition of your bike & the amount of time since your last service.

Please find each service listed below;

1. The STANDARD Service: RRP $150.00
The standard service is recommended every 3-6 months.
This service should be performed on every bike that comes in:

This service includes:
a. Check and tighten all bolts and nuts, crank, Check stem, seat, quick release, disk etc. and adjust
b. Brake and gear check alignment and adjustment
c. General lubrication
d. Tire inflation check / check spoke tension, minor adjustment
e. Quick clean
f. Safety check and inspection Parts not included

2. The STANDARD PLUS Service: RRP $250.00
Standard service + Bolts and Nuts greased & Stainless Steel replacements Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts included

3. The ULTIMATE Service: RRP $270.00 The ULTIMATE service should be performed every 6-12 months Includes:
a. The standard service
b. Check for general wear and tear
c. Check all Components that need cleaning and lubrication,
d. Check drivetrain and adjust gear if needed/clean rear derailleur/check and straighten derailleur hanger
e. Clean and lubricate bike, chain, check chain wear and replace if needed
f. Check tires/ true wheels
g. Check brakes and adjust/clean brake surface and deglaze pads replace pads if needed / check brake and gear cables, replace if necessary
h. Bleed hydraulic brakes/replace brake pads Parts not included

4. The ULTIMATE PLUS Service: RRP $370.00

Ultimate service + Bolts and Nuts greased & Stainless Steel replacements Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts included

Our team will also advise which service items are *ESSENTIAL (those our technicians believe you must fix now) & items that are *RECOMMENDED (those we believe we should fix now, to avoid further issues later.).

Once we've had a chance to inspect your Vallkree bike, our team will provide a clear quote & send it to you by SMS, including all parts & services needed to bring your bike to its best mechanical condition.

Of course, our team is always on hand to discuss any question you may have.